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Grandview Park – North West Shoreline – Storm Damage

Yesterday 11-02-2019, the day after the Big Wind Storm I took James Ward out to his camp at Grandview Park to check the damage. While there, I did a bit of a report on what we saw. For those that do not know Grandview Park is an area that you can only access by vehicle by 1st going through Wellesley Island State Park. It is a private area that many folks have probably never even seen because you would never go there there unless you knew people there, had a camp there, or were doing work there. Anyway, the part we are at in the video is the NorthEast Shoreline. It is almost always windy there, but the night of the storm it had to have been deadly down by the shoreline. Please watch the video..

CORRECTION: I kept saying WATER a lot on the video.. when I should of at times been saying WAVES.. the WATER came up 2-3 ft, but the WAVES are what got really high..

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